Captain Ron Berardino

Boats worked on while with Bronx Towing Line


1966 Hammed, on the Buchanan Sisters for 4 months.--- 24 hour boat

Capt Joe Whalen NY, NJ Harbor & Sound

Paid on the Elizabeth Ann--- 24 hour boat

Capt. Walter Tur NY, NJ Harbor & Sound

Bronx 3--- 2 weeks on, 1 week off

Capt. Frankie (Julius ) Sloan - NY, NJ and Sound

1968-1972 United States Navy QM2 ------ 4 Years

Lainoloc--- 1 Week on, 1 week off

Capt. Bill Loud - Hudson River & Sound

1974 Colonial--- 1 Week on, 1 week off

Capt. Tom Best - Hudson River & Sound

Various other fill in Boats on my off time when needed:

Bronx 4 w/Capt. Cor Kupers

Colco w/Capt. Owen Moriarty

Twin w/Capt. Blacky La Brecque

Frank B w/Capt. Charlie Meinser

Gene Pope w/Capt. Larry Young

Lainoloc w/Capt. Jim Strickland

Colonial w/Capt. Pete Meinser

Sisters w/Capt. Bobby Leonard

After 8 of my own boats, I decided to get my Captains License. With time, and a letter from Edward T Buchanan dated Sept.28th 1973. I went to school. 1st. 6pack, 2nd back to school for masters, 3rd back to school for my Assist Towing.

On November, 9th 2005 I was issued my Merchant Marine Officer, Master of inland waters, 25 gross ton with Commercial Towing.

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