Capt. Walter E. Hughes

Born Oct 29 1925

Brooklyn, NY

Started my Tug Boat career at the age of 12 in 1937 on the Connors Marine Tug

Fidelity in the Barge Canal during the school summer vacation. Stepfather Walt

Selover was Captain. Worked all summer and returned every summer until I

Convinced my Parents that were what I wanted to do as my life’s occupation. Tugs

I worked on in the Canal before the war, were the Tug Gramercy, Arthur Connors,

Henry Henjes, before entering the Service in 1943, also worked in the Harbor for

McAllister, (Steam tug, John D. McAllister, Antrim, Gerd Henjes, Robert Henjes

And the Martin Kehoe. Entered the Army in late 1943. Volunteered for the Para-

Troopers and joined the 82nd Airborne Division in time to make operation "Market Garden" (the Bridge to Far Jump) Two Purple Hearts, Bronze Star & CIB. Left the

Service in 1946 Went to work with Russell on the 19, 20, J.Raymond and with

Pittston on the Valmet. Left tugs in 1956 A Captain, and went to work dispatching

For Pittston, Bronx towing for over 25 Years When Bronx sold out worked for

Atlantic, Ultramar, And Reinauer. Retired from Reinauer in 1988. I worked with

Some of the finest Boatmen in the industry. And was so very fortunate to love my

work on the boats and in the office. I have never regretted a day of it. Before closing, I must add I have been sailing happy waters with my wife Mary (first mate on the water and off) for 54 wonderful years.

Captain Walter E Hughes                     When Captain Walter was first informed of this career.

                                                              Capt & Mary on a Cruise

                                                              Mary at the Wheel                                

                                                              Captain Walter E Hughes Today

                                                             Walter E Hughes WW II